What a difficult year it’s been for us all. For me it was mostly financial; DINK being a bust,(along with all the other shit that has come out about it ::sigh::), buying my very first airplane ticket then not getting a refund because of technicalities (at least I used 75% of it to get to SPX!) then my precious 10 year old scanner dying! Thank you ALL so so so much for helping me replace that BTW. New one is much better quality,faster and smaller. Oh and finally that orange sphincter officially starting the dictatorship of ‘murica…

This meme-thingy always gives me a chance to focus on the good progress I’ve made. Started the year sketchbook heavy with a side of type designs. I made those into stickers cause I love stickers like Benny in Lego Movie loves Spaceships!

Next for the year was submitting like crazy to anthologies. I’ve really upped my game in illustration because of those. The cat girl is my best composition and the mermaids are my best texture experiments. I also got to submit to Sweaty Palms to tell a story that has been tying me in knots for 8 years. I went head-on with the heavy contrast of black and white as opposed to Gardenia which was more gray scale and that was such a great challenge.

The April pic is a logo for a restaurant in Ashes called Pizza Quest! I’ve done a lot of logo designs this year for places in the comic. It’s really fun to get to kinda build a business with out real world needs like money,lol.

At last I made 4 pages of Ashes and Coffee Stains in a mini preview print. It’s getting easier to thumbnail pages and write the script for it. One shots versus series is about as intimidating as I thought it’d be. My biggest worry is character growth and keeping that consistent over the timeline. People change in real life but if they go really off character then I’m gonna get worried! Feel free to call me on it maybe? haha

Well see you all next year!