So many things made this fan con choice a bad idea for me. I bought the space in January for this July event. I was just doing my usual con seasons plan for the year. When it came time to go to the Sailor Moon event everything was upside down. If you follow me on twitter you know I’m recently pregnant. (yes yes congrats…thanks.) PB was supposed to be my booth babe-food runner but had to work last minute. This was a big part of why the day was a flop for me. I’ve been quite nauseous and all the other pregnant lady symptoms. I want to thank the volunteer who helped me through out the day a lot! She sat at my table while I went to the washroom or get food. She talked with me a bit throughout the day too. This helped me so much! So thank you volunteer,I owe you free art as a thank you.


I went with the intention to only do sketch commissions all day. At fan cons before they were always my biggest draw and seller. At this con though it was the second flop. I’ve only been to general or anime fan conventions before. Going to one this specific was another experience entirely.

The beginning of the con day is slow of course because people are browsing or passing through to panels. I decided to draw some example sketch commissions of the 5 main Sailor scouts. The day went on and traffic at my table was almost non-existent. To pass the time and quell my anxiety I started to draw other fandoms. Near the end of the day a pink haired girl and friend stopped by because of an Adventure Time sketch I was doing.


She walked by at least twice before she asked me if I’d sell it. I was happy to and I asked her to request more characters for the page. When it was done she mentioned how funny it was that at a Sailor Moon con she bought an Adventure Time art. Well that’s what I do,I’m the provider of variety!

I started to draw another Adventure Time collage for PB. It was nice to just sketch fanart for a while.


You may be asking why I only did sketch commissions and not make 1 damn print specifically for Sailor Moon. Personally it’s a waste of money for me. Printing can get expensive,it’s quite a bit of trek to pick up the prints,and after the con I have left over if not all the prints to take home. The last part especially pains me because with every drawing I improve. I have some prints that haven’t sold once from 7 years ago. Luckily for me I only make 3-5 prints each time to see what sells. At this point though even that is a money sink for me.

I rely more on sketch requests and full commissions because then it’s a one off specifically to what the patron wants. Above all I want people buying my art to get exactly what they want. At other fan cons I am always busy doing a commission as a crowd builds around me. They watch me draw,some request art. This makes the day go faster and people get me to draw what they want.

After this fan con I don’t want to do them anymore. I’ve known for quite a while that I don’t want to draw fanart for a living. I’m going to focus on just making comics and original content. I want to keep drawing fan art for fun because that’s what I want it to be for me,FUN.