First and foremost, Social Hangover is now done. It was the first comic I kept up with over the last 2 years. I started it on some scrap paper on a lunch break at Goodwill. I learned a lot about coloring and composition for sequential art. I worked out everyday anxiety to the point of outgrowing the need to continue Social Hangover. I’m just taking it harder than I did for Gardenia because I didn’t have a set end point for it.


The other thing I was doing the last last few months is Porntober. I wasn’t going to do Inktober because I was so busy with buffer,traveling for SPX and a family wedding and the baby shower. Doing this saved my sanity for the 7 day stay in Michigan. I’m just not made for that much socializing and I detest small talk. Anyway,I decided on PORNtober because even though I like to draw sexy art sometimes I still felt weak at it. I’m quite sentimental and tend to focus on the intimacy of the scenes before/after the sex acts. What I pushed myself to do here is incorporate that into the sex act itself. I’ll never be a hit it and quit it kinda gal so don’t expect any of that kind of porn from me. Enjoy this PDF slideshow I put together of all 17 drawings I did.



I’ve been talking about this comic for…years now at this point. I’m so excited to start Ashes and Coffee Stains! So far I think I have an end point for this series? It’ll be 3-5 years in story world at least. I’m going all out on this series with full on 3D environments to side stories when I’m on hiatus to make buffer. Explaining this series is still kinda hard because I’ve been building this world for almost 15 years. The most I can say is it’s a slice of life 20-somethings comic.