Oh weather,you evil mistress. I didn’t get to go to DINK because flights were delayed and canceled. Just to be clear I love snow but when airlines aren’t flying to my snowy destination I know it’s not good. Even though I am disappointed about this there are so many more good things to focus on. I got my conprep done for the year,lol.

Since Canzine last year I’ve been bookmarking ideas for table setup. First I got peg board to hold my comics upright.


Then I looked up all kinds of nifty merch displays.

I seen this vending machine tutorial in Spanish but I got how to make it by following the visuals. i changed mine a little because of how I needed to travel. I simplified it down to a single piece of cardboard able to be flat in my suitcase. The knob is still a TP roll but I didn’t add the foil to it because it was too clunky. The video above is my demo of how it all worked out. I couldn’t find vending machine capsules so I used eggs. I like them better because of all the colors. If you want to make your own feel free to copy my pattern here. I did this with boxes I got from Costco and cut them up with an exacto knife. I used duct tape for some of the folding but for the most part everything is folded so it will stay together in notches.


12072793_10206169849186294_1297345548245644253_nThe eggs that went in the machine are filled with 2 buttons and a slip of paper with a special prize. Basically everyone is a winner!

A few years ago when I was working with Pretty Pink Ponies in LA I had to make table signs. I used that past idea to make more. These can all my made flat as well to fit in luggage. They have notches in the back that make each sign stand up. I made simple icons,printed them and glued them to the the sands, Presto,cheap table signs!!


The other paper stand there was for a button bag display. I would put a string at the top for mini hangers to hold them. Admittedly I didn’t need 1000 paper clips but they were on sale,haha. They way I did this was by using jewelry players to bend them into place. PB used his fingers to start them for me but my hands just are not that strong.



I got these done as well. Gardenia in all it’s printed glory has a special illustration on the last page as a thank you for reading. I made 2 zines as well. The first is a sketchbook with a blank back cover for a free sketch request when you buy it. The second is a 5 page preview of The Beautiful Bast and the last 5 are pages from Social Hangover.


Gardenia turned out really great. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate TLAC’s fast service and wonderful quality of prints. they will definitely getting my business when I have a kickstarter!
12791037_10206000240746189_5023867658022492099_n My business cards also come in perfectly. I matched them to my table banner with the new logo touch up. This is the first time I feel like a grown cartoonist. my last business card was very cute but this I feel is the most slick design I’ve made.