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Lets all celebrate me growing up into a real indie artist. I got my first table banner this week. I got accepted into DINK (Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo). This year I’m going all out with conventions,at least what I can afford. This is the first time I got pins and bookmarks. I always like to get a variety of images to test the waters. I used SixCent Press for the buttons because they had a 3 image for 100 pieces or more option. For the bookmarks and banner I used good old VistaPrint.


So much is changing already this year. I’m almost done with Gardenia‘s second run redraw. I will have it printed for DINK along with a mini double feature zine of The Beautiful Bast and Social Hangover. The Beautiful Bast was an idea Cody had about the return of the goddess but in a small cats body.


The last big thing that happened this month was that ::drumroll:: I GOT GLASSES!



I just did not think I needed them as much as I do. When I put them on I opened my eyes wide. I have literally never seen this clear in all my life. I love them so much I put a fuzzy cat sticker on it to make them really mine.


Here’s to a successful con season!