Happy 2016 everyone!~ New blog to go with my new site and new setup for my desk area. I moved everything to the opposite side of the living room so I could see my character sketches in front of my face. I also got my desk buddies & a new FP POP figure. I got a new laptop for Christmas because my old one had so many dead pixels & viruses it was basically not usable. It’s been a long wonderful year right into 2016. I’ve made great friends who love and make comics. I am so grateful to know them.

So far 2015 I finished Press Start,hit 1 year anniversary for Social Hangover,Re-Started Gardenia,opened a Patreon,made 30 page sketchbooks for 7 months(270 pages!) and went to a few zinefests and conventions. I did so much in comics for my first official year.

To cap off 2015 I did the year in review thing a lot of artists have done.


Whats in store for 2016 is more comics and events. Ashes and Coffee Stains will premier about December 2016,Social Hangover will hit 100 pages, and many other things I haven’t settled on yet. Like a side project kids comic with my hubs about Bast.

I’ll be posting in this blog from now on monthly like I used to on blogspot. I’m going to make a point this year to write a lot more articles on social issues.