PANCAKES AND BOOZE was the fantastic start to my con-season. I made a few overestimation, I’ll call them. I read the email I needed to bring a table and I had a 6 foot spot. I did not have to bring said table but apparently I did help by doing so. The event was running low on them. I also thought my table was 6 ft. but…it was totally almost 8. We just turned it diagonal and everything was fine.

On a whole this event was great! All the patrons were there to see art if not also buy some. My top sellers for the night were stickers. One girl came back round because she just had to try my machine. I knew it would be a hit! I love touching things on tables so I knew other people would like to as well. Next time I need to promote better,have a smaller table and mostly bring stickers and fun interactive table things.

On the scale of would table there again I say: 8! Since I do comics instead of fine art it’s not that big a place to sell for me. But the people were nice,the staff were great and the music got better when they started playing upbeat stuff. Y’all know I like to dance.


Now onto the projects I’m working on right now.


Months ago I got accepted into the Sweaty Palms anthology. I’m allowed to share little tiny bits of my progress so these 2 snippets is all you get. Even then I still have edits to do. I decided this is my year to get into anthologies and group projects. I applied to a few this year and have my eye out for any others. I do miss ComicJam but it’s really hard for me to get out of the house. I’m really happy with myself for reaching out this year. One of my big hurdles in social life is asking for help or to be noticed. I work hard and have important things to say just like all artists.


Coming up I’m planning on some mini comics about,food make up and other fun things. I’m also working on the scripts for Ashes. It’s my baby,my first long form story so I’m excited to get going on it. It should be up sometime next year. So far I have 3 chapters outlined and so many many character pages. Keep an eye out for those patreon peeps!