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My sketchbook is getting more detailed. The nice summer vacation I took really helped get my mind back on track. Much of my exhaustion came from overworking. I was working on both Gardenia and Social Hangover at the same time. I was also doing pages for the Sweaty Palms anthology I got accepted to.

What really made early 2016 a whirlwind was the non-creative work. I still apply to jobs as much as I can,retail,office and studio. Not hearing back or getting rejected(which is rare) take a lot of time away from my own projects. Not everyone gets the flexible job with benefits that is the supposed norm for artists. (that is what I had at Goodwill for 2 years in LA though.) I’ve since decided that comics would be my priority! I’m lucky in my situation right now but it’s still lots of planning work. Budgeting ALL the house expenses; basically being an epic hausfrau while working on building my comics world.


I made page 1 of Ashes and Coffee Stains before this but I want to utilize my 3D modeling skills to make the environments. I am still penciling and laying out the pages before that. I’m uploading the pages in batches on my patreon for the $3 level. They’re also in the sketchbook. Like all my other comics of course I’ll post finished pages on $1 level when they’re done. I’m really excited about this comic and about having a patreon. I started it because I’ve been dying to post my personal projects but I am very sensitive about it. Only 2 people get to read my scripts and get me to talk about the characters.

Posting fanart is less stressful for me than posting original work. With fanart most people just say something like “Oh wow I love that show/character/couple.” I like the impersonal sound of that. With my original work it’s either ignored or nitpicked on looks alone. Constructive critique is different than nitpicking,I know the difference. The thing is I know I will keep improving the art but the original work also has story and character complexities that get ignored. [END RANT]

Speaking of improving art I’ve been working on character designs and changing color pallets and lighting. This is just the start of my free time experiments that will be posted on my tumblr. I drew 9 in total and I’m picking the best ones for this.

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