I’ve been feeling really worn out the past month but I got to do some sketch book work anyway. I may even be in an art block,or better known to me as a depression slump. I’m trying to curb that by using art prompts and my reference art folders and characters to challenge myself.

This is Traci,a character that will be in Ashes and Coffee Stains. I put a Elle Saab coat on her and the art prompt said “Mushrooms that tower to the sky” so the result is Traci in the mushroom forest with machetes.

It had been quite a while since I used markers so I broke them out to spark my inspiration. I still consider this a sketch even when I color it in. Some people get angry at the semantics but a sketchbook,my sketchbook, is for figuring things out.

At this point I felt I fucked up the color choices because I was trying to figure out how colors would work at night beside the lighting/shading I would add. Even if something is pastel it’s still darker at night than it would be in day light.

After leaving this overnight it looks better than I remember but definitely is not where I want it. Now that I know what doesn’t work I can tweak it if I choose to clean it up later. I still like how it turned out for the most part.