Con Prep


Ashes and Coffee Stains made it’s debut this year in a 4 page black and white preview. If you were lucky enough to snag a copy at my table this year,thank you! PB(the husband and occasional editor) helped me with the description on the back and inside covers. I may be good at writing comics but what a struggle to write about my comics. I worked on the 4 pages for about a month and I am still going to add color. Ashes will be online midyear 2017.

I also reprinted some Social Hangover mini’s to promote the Kickstarter I’m planning for next December 2017,possibly January 2018. PB and I are collaborating on a book that is in the same mental health theme as Social Hangover. I’ll be drawing and he will be writing that book.


Looking back at the comics I’ve made in the past 4 years makes me happy. I focused on each at a time not really thinking about building a collection. The 2 main books are one shots because I like books that end in one book. All the while I work on Social Hangover to build my stamina for updates and skill with layout. Now I’m about to start my first long form comic,Ashes. I’ll continue to make short comics at the same time as I can’t help multi task/be a workaholic storyteller. If you liked Gardenia there are 2 more stories I’m adding to it for a horror comedy collection. If it’s not obvious comedy always slips into all of my work no matter how serious I try to be.



Ok so most of it was for Drea,my bff. The most important part for me was hanging out at her house for the week before.

The event was really huge! I did snark a bit about seeing fan art for sale because I left all my prints at home. It could have helped make me a bit of profit,heh. I did sell a few books though and got tipped with compliments. One person said I was “insanely talented” while getting a sticker. THATS the kinda stuff that makes me work even harder,so thank you.


I had a tiny problem with my vinyl table sign set up so I made this little sign. Thanks to the guy in the next booth for letting me borrow this plastic stand. For the second day I walked around a bit more handing out comics to people I like. Many of them traded me,like what! ::bows:; I am not yet worthy,ahahaha. It really IS as intimidating as it sounds but I hope it’ll get easier over time. I’m just letting you peeps I like know I exist and admire you.


Hello Home World!

Flying is scary as fuck. This is the morning I got back to Toronto

Over all visiting my bff was the highlight of SPX for me. I want to table at SPX again sometime but I don’t feel 100% ready yet,financially or skill at social interactions. There were so many firsts it was quite overwhelming. First time on a plane since 1995 and by my self at that,first time seeing my bff,first time at SPX at a table or in general. Thank you to my beautiful host family for making me feel so included. Christmas gifts are on the way (and Drea knows what they are!)