This was a fun little start to the con season. I didn’t have a table because I didn’t know when the registration date was but I went to give out free sample zines.


My new shoes came! It is such a weird story how I got them. I asked the company if they’d ever be in stock again and got told no. then I searched all over ebay with no avail. I seen a girl doing an unboxing of the shoes on youtube and asked her if she still had them would she want to sell. I never expected to ever get a reply. Soon after I got an email saying yes! I made these 2 rad illustrations for her. It really sparked my love of still life again.

Cacti_Babes Vegies_CPoag

I focus on my outfit for the day because it was the main thing that helped me open up socially. I walked around the book fair nervously until so many people reached out to me about my flower crown. So many people said I was cute and colorful it made me feel more open. I handed out previews for Gardenia and Passion Project (By Dreaphilia),and my last copies of a Social Hangover and The Beautiful Bast previews. Being new to the whole indie scene I didn’t know trading comics was a thing. I don’t feel worthy,ah! I still refuse to just expect free things or trades because I just like being nice. But it goes both ways so I will learn to accept kindness back. With that I say thank you for the beautiful work! Some I bought some I got as trades. I will always support fellow artists.