So many things at this years TCAF were fantastic!  I applied late for volunteering so I didn’t think I got in. Literally 3 days before the event I get an email giving me my schedule. I was pretty mad because I didn’t get to go to the orientation. I didn’t want to mess up at my first TCAF as a volunteer. After talking to my friend Jenny I cooled down and decided to go for it. My hubs agrees that I look like the girl on this years design. She even has brown skin. ^_^

By far this year was better than last. I didn’t get to go to Wordballon Academy because I was volunteering so I gave my ticket to Cody. Instead I was stationed at the Librarian and Educators day. I got to go to the panels and no one said boo! One of the perks of being a volunteer is going to those. Basically I stayed in 1 room the whole day. My favorite was the Manga for Adults at the end of the day. I found a lot of new things to read!


I really did try to e a good volunteer. Since I didn’t get to go to orientation I didn’t know to check in before my shift. I ended up going to my post then being directed back down stairs. On top of that they didn’t need me there because they were kinda over staffed. Once I got to the check in the guy didn’t know what to do with me because of the over staffing. He said to basically go around and ask the other places in the event who needed help. I then volunteered to take the day off.

Before my shift though I got to go into the 2ed floor to buy the books I wanted! We’re kinda REALLY broke right now so we limited our spending and only brought cash. I had lots of mini zines to give out anyway and surprisingly enough I got some trades! Thats who we do in the comics club,hahaha. I didn’t know really cause I’m still new to this industry. LA and animation,not the same or as nice.

I loved being in the mix this year as a volunteer and because my idols were tabling there. I may be new to comics but trust me I’m no flailing idiot. Sometimes I’ve met people I like and get disappointed when they’re rude. Most of the people I met this year though were so nice I just couldn’t believe such successful people could be so kind. I’m reminded of that saying about actors who last decades because of how kind they are. No one wants to work with a dick and I now assume it’s the same for comics. This makes me so happy as I am super bubbly and friendly while tabling. I’M GONNA SURVIVE!

On a side note I observed a difference from last years con-goers to this years. There were way more peoples of color as patrons,guest speakers and tabling! Last year I felt super uncomfortable because I seemed like some rare animal. I went into a panel on sex and there were 2 people who just wouldn’t stop glaring at me. This time around going to yet another sex panel I was offered a seat and felt like I was part of the group! I’m not sure if times are a changing and more people of color are pushing their way into the comics space,like me. I hope it stays this way because it’s pretty damn lonely to be the “weird” on in a place where everyone is a nerd themselves.


See ya next year TCAF. Maybe I’ll have a table! ^_^